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More Than Just a Real Estate Firm, Your Partner for Business Success in Metro Denver

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 12, 2017 2:01:43 PM / by Matt Brower

Matt Brower

I’ve had the pleasure of living and working in the Metro Denver commercial real estate market for more than 14 years, and over those years I’ve collaborated closely with hundreds of successful Colorado business leaders. 

Those relationships continue to confirm that a company’s commercial real estate (CRE) strategy can act as a critical driver of their overall business success and growth. The right space can enable a company to attract the best talent, grow a healthy employee culture, increase overall efficiency and productivity, and much more. 

One of the most important things I’ve also learned as the Denver market has evolved is that just providing great CRE advice is no longer enough.


CEOs and founders tell me what they really value is a tenant rep that goes above and beyond the status quo and acts more like a true partner for business success in the Metro Denver area. 

What they want is a new breed of rep who provides the highest quality CRE advice, but ultimately helps them in a more holistic way to succeed and grow in the market.

One big way next-gen reps can do this is by offering a broader range of value-added services — often referred to as “soft services” — that benefit clients at no additional cost.

Examples include introducing company leaders to the most relevant and connected people in the market, providing online resources that help them find growth enablers such as funding and talent, and by spotlighting advice from other business leaders on strategies for success.


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Part of what has always set Column Commercial apart from the competition — especially compared to national firms — is our extensive network and deep community connections in Metro Denver. 

This is our home, so we know the city, the people, and the business landscape in a way few others do, but connecting clients to our network is only the beginning of the broader value we deliver.

 In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see some exciting new changes to our website and how we operate our business, all aimed at delivering value above and beyond the traditional tenant rep model.


One of the biggest changes you’ll see on our website soon is the addition of our new Online Resources Library. This will be a central location where we will consistently post videos, articles, worksheets and other tools you can access free of charge.

These resources will address a wide range of topics, all aimed at providing you with relevant, high-value information to help you successfully grow your business.  The library will include topics about CRE and also much more.


Once the new Online Resources Library is launched, you’ll soon start to see a growing list of quick, 1-3 minute “Ask CCP” videos posted there.

Each video will feature a member of our team answering the most commonly asked questions from our network about successfully finding, leasing or purchasing, and designing future space.

We’ve shot our first list of videos and are editing them now, but if there is a topic or question you are particularly interested in, please let us know by sending an email to


I’m often told by business leaders and entrepreneurs that one of the things they value most is getting advice and mentorship from other successful executives.

We’ve therefore started a new blog series that will spotlight rising entrepreneurs from Colorado and beyond. Each will feature an in-depth interview and Q&A to uncover tips and recommendations that help other leaders maximize their own success.

One of our biggest commitments is to helping women entrepreneurs succeed and grow their businesses. So, many of The CCP Interview posts will feature female founders and business executives, along with other Colorado entrepreneurs.

All interviews will be posted to the Online Resources Library, with the goal of giving you a single, centralized source for information.


We’re excited to announce these first changes and there are more planned in the months ahead.

We’ll update you each time we’ve got a new resource on the way or when new information is posted to the Online Resources Library.

If you’re not getting notified when new information posts, consider subscribing to our e-mail alerts by clicking on the button at the bottom of this post.

Keep an eye out for these new additions to start appearing on our website soon!


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Matt Brower

Written by Matt Brower

Matt Brower co-founded Column Commercial Partners in late 2011, offering clients extensive experience in leasing and sales transactions. Prior to CCP, he served as a leader in the Tenant Advisory Group and Education Practice Group at Grubb & Ellis Company for over 9 years. Matt is also the host of the Colorado A-List Podcast, collaborating with other disruptive Colorado entrepreneurs.

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