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[fa icon="calendar"] May 27, 2020 12:12:10 PM / by Kinley Donaldson

Kinley Donaldson

It's impossible to overstate how the Coronavirus pandemic has and will impact our lives. Some things will "go back to normal" (or close to it) in time, but there are some categories that will be forever changed.

The way we work is one of them.

Post-Covid work will bring with it opportunities and challenges business leaders need to be prepared for to stay ahead. On June 4th at 10:30 AM MT, we’ll have an interesting discussion from commercial real estate, coworking, and technology perspectives and share strategies leaders should take now to stay competitive and bounce back better than before.

Speakers include Stacy Taubman, Founder/CEO, RISE Collaborative Workplace;  Matt Talbot, Co-Founder/CEO, GoSpotCheck; and Matt Brower, Managing Broker, Column Commercial Partners.

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Topics: Commercial Real Estate, Colorado Entrepreneurs, Business, Technology, Colorado Business, coworking, COVID-19

Kinley Donaldson

Written by Kinley Donaldson

Kinley Donaldson serves as the Transaction and Operations Manager for Column Commercial Partners. She assists CCP brokers with the tenant representation process, marketing strategies, and company operations. Kinley has been in the commercial real estate industry since 2011 and is a freelance graphic designer for real estate professionals.

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