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New Podcast Episode: Hero Versus Coach

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 31, 2020 2:50:51 PM / by Kinley Donaldson

Kinley Donaldson

In this episode, Matt speaks with Jeremy Choi, CEO and Coach at LPS Athletic Centre in Toronto, Canada! The LPS Athletic Centre is an internationally known destination program for athletes (adults and kids) striving to maximize their explosive power in sports that require intervals of extremely high exertion. (Incidentally, they also train executive-level leaders for a slightly different arena-the boardroom). The company uses a methodology and certification process created by them, called the Athlete Activation System. The system is so effective they have trademarked the term Monstas™ to describe clients after their metamorphosis!

Jeremy not only helps coach and manage the LPS Athletic Centre, but also runs 2 other businesses! Listen as he describes his formula for staying at the top of his game as a busy entrepreneur and family man! And he has a great insight for anyone in a leadership role about being a “hero versus a coach” that you’ve got to hear!

Industry Alchemist Podcast: Episode 33For additional information beyond this episode, please visit

Note: Note: This episode was recorded on 7/21/20 during a zoom call, rather than an in-person interview using podcast equipment; therefore, you may notice a difference in the quality of sound.

Topics: fitness, entrepreneurs, professional coach, athletes

Kinley Donaldson

Written by Kinley Donaldson

Kinley Donaldson serves as the Transaction and Operations Manager for Column Commercial Partners. She assists CCP brokers with the tenant representation process, marketing strategies, and company operations. Kinley has been in the commercial real estate industry since 2011 and is a freelance graphic designer for real estate professionals.

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