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New Podcast Episode: Employee Appreciation with Wishlist

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 28, 2020 1:49:15 PM / by Kinley Donaldson

Kinley Donaldson

Traditionally, or perhaps stereotypically, employers have recognized dedicated employees’ milestone tenure with the cliched gold watch or placard. Wishlist provides employers with a more creative and meaningful way to recognize and reward valued employees for their continuous hard work. Our episode this week is an interview with Daniel Kasper, CEO of Wishlist. Listen as Daniel describes Wishlist’s highly desirable selection of experiential gifts such as live events, spa treatments, travel getaways, skydiving, recreational classes, the list goes on! Wishlist uses software technology to seamlessly connect with corporate human resources and tailors rewards/gifts to each organization’s unique employee demographics, company budget, and core values. Through recognition, Wishlist helps to increase employee retention and job performance - and they track it! Learn how the company got its start and has quickly grown and evolved!

Industry Alchemist Podcast: Episode 18

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Kinley Donaldson

Written by Kinley Donaldson

Kinley Donaldson serves as the Transaction and Operations Manager for Column Commercial Partners. She assists CCP brokers with the tenant representation process, marketing strategies, and company operations. Kinley has been in the commercial real estate industry since 2011 and is a freelance graphic designer for real estate professionals.

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