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New Podcast Episode: A Mission to Empower Entrepeneurs

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/14/21 4:32 PM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in Business, Colorado Business, coloradoentrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, Industry Alchemist, Business Owner, Denver Business

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If you are an entrepreneur or business leader, listen up, because this man, his organizations, and his story could be the keys to your success AND interpersonal growth! In this episode, Matt interviews Greg “Woody” Greenwood, Co-Founder of the Colorado Thought Leadership Forum, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, and Co-Founder and CEO of SpiralMethod. (Incidentally, SpiralMethod is a call-back to episode 20 with Leslie Jones. And she coached Greg back in the day!) He has partnered with Leslie on the SpiralMethod, cultivating transformative leadership in organizations. Brimming with wisdom in building and managing businesses, Greg is now dedicated to serving the entrepreneurial community- leading with his heart, rather than his bank account.
Industry Alchemist Podcast: Episode 42

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Rocky Mountain Marketing Inverviews Matt Brower, CCP

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/31/20 3:18 PM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in Commercial Real Estate, Tenant Representative Broker, Colorado Entrepreneurs, podcasts, marketing, social media marketing, B2B Marketing, real estate investment, Business Owner

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Katie Brinkley is the Founder of  Next Step Social Communications, a boutique marketing agency.  In addition, she is the host of the Rocky Mountain Marketing podcast.  Recently, Matt Brower had the honor of being a guest on Katie's show.   In this podcast episode they discuss  Matt's journey as a real estate broker and business owner.  Matt admits he has always been intrigued by the psychology of successful entrepreneurs and he shares some of what he has learned from them and experienced for himself.   Check out some of the cool advice he offers in the episode link below.

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New Podcast Episode: The MMA Fight in All of Us

[fa icon="calendar'] 11/13/20 4:11 PM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in Colorado Entrepreneurs, professional coach, Personal Development, Coaching, Business Owner, Mixed Martial Arts, Trainer

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What started out as a coping mechanism for fear transformed into survival, personal development, leadership as well as a livelihood AND a devotion to other human beings.  In this episode, learn what led Eliot Marshall to become a professional mixed martial arts fighter, business owner at Easton Training Center, and TEDX speaker.  He addresses the difference between running from our fears and hiding them from others versus facing our fears and having the courage to reveal them to others.  Listen, as he offers some great advice for all of us who are coping with the current events in our world.

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