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New Podcast Episode: Bee Calm and Carry on with HiveTech

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/8/22 1:05 PM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in innovation, Sci-Tech, Industry Alchemist

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Honey bees play a vital role in our survival, in part, because the agricultural industry depends on pollinators for yielding healthy crops.  Unfortunately, there are currently several factors that steeply affect the mortality rate of honey bees. In this episode, learn what those factors are and how an architect and a bee ecologist have teamed up to create a technology that supports a more hospitable environment for honey bee colonies. Matt interviews Kimberly Drennan, CEO of HiveTech Solutions about HiveTech's SMART apiary. This breakthrough technology has proven dramatic survival rate increases that can combat pollinator decline and help stabilize global food production!

Industry Alchemist Podcast: Episode 48
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New Podcast Episode: Listen to our Interview with Mike Biselli, Founder of Catalyst

[fa icon="calendar'] 9/6/19 10:53 AM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in Commercial Real Estate, Colorado Entrepreneurs, Denver, Colorado A-List, innovation, coworking, healthcare, healthcare-tech

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Imagine a place where people and companies can gather to transform the HEALTH in our nation and even the world. That is the vision behind Mike Biselli’s Catalyst. It’s not just a coworking facility for healthcare companies to set up shop. Yes, it houses healthcare startups, large companies, tech companies, and even a clinic all under one roof, but it also offers so much more to support the people within the industry. There are networking events, lectures, mentoring opportunities, amenities, and common areas that facilitate interaction with others who are all working towards the common goal of advancing the healthcare industry. In this episode, Mike tells us what his driving forces were for creating Catalyst.

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