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New Podcast Episode: Employee Appreciation with Wishlist

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/28/20 1:49 PM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in employeegifts, workhardplayhard, employeebenefits, worklifeintegratio, travelgram, teambuilding, funatwork, hrcompany, worklifebalance, tech, employeeappreciation, employee, employeeexperience, workhard, worklifetravel, hrconsulting, work, traveling

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Traditionally, or perhaps stereotypically, employers have recognized dedicated employees’ milestone tenure with the cliched gold watch or placard. Wishlist provides employers with a more creative and meaningful way to recognize and reward valued employees for their continuous hard work. Our episode this week is an interview with Daniel Kasper, CEO of Wishlist. Listen as Daniel describes Wishlist’s highly desirable selection of experiential gifts such as live events, spa treatments, travel getaways, skydiving, recreational classes, the list goes on! Wishlist uses software technology to seamlessly connect with corporate human resources and tailors rewards/gifts to each organization’s unique employee demographics, company budget, and core values. Through recognition, Wishlist helps to increase employee retention and job performance - and they track it! Learn how the company got its start and has quickly grown and evolved!

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New Podcast Episode: Interview with Dave Hieb, Founder of Clove & Twine

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/13/19 2:17 PM / by Kinley Donaldson posted in Commercial Real Estate, Podcast, Column Commercial Partners, coloradoentrepreneur, clientgifts, corporategifts, uniquegifts, brandedgoods, trulyremarkable, employeegifts

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For Dave Hieb, being an entrepreneur was as natural to him as breathing air. After graduating from CU, he founded an Internet services company which was merged with 5 other companies and went public in 4 years’ time. He then became involved with one of the earliest tech incubators in Colorado, running the angel investor group. After this, Dave spent 11 successful years as an investment banker, helping companies with his knowledge of raising capital and M&A transactions. As one last entrepreneurial effort, Dave decided he would like to build one more company. Listen to Dave describe exactly what happened to spur the concept for his new business. And in 3 short years, the revenue from his new company has blown away even his own seasoned projections.
Clove & Twine. It’s not a promotional product company that pumps out swag with client logos on them for the cheapest possible price and for the sole purpose of saturating a large group of people with brand visibility. It’s remarkable and branded gifts that people actually love. It’s as simple as that. Classy. Classic. Remarkable. Professional. These sophisticated products with a company’s logo are treasured gifts for valued clients, employees, club members, etc. In this episode, Dave tells us all about Clove & Twine and lists some of the reasons why the company has been so successful, so quickly. And for additional information about Clove & Twine, check out

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